Funeral Prices

If you are researching funeral prices in Oxfordshire and wondering about the likely cost of a funeral we would ask you to please send us an email via our ‘Contact Us’ page.

Please let us know what sort of arrangements you are thinking of (for example: burial or cremation, church service or crematorium service only, would you like limousines, newspaper notices, flowers etc) and we will be happy to provide you with a detailed estimate of expenses and a copy of our price list.

We are pleased to be able to offer a wide range of funerals from traditional services in church or crematorium to simple crematorium and graveside services or low cost direct cremation.  Below is a ‘guide’ to the most likely cost of these services:

Traditional Funerals

Our full price list is posted on our website however when budgeting for a traditional funeral when all the funeral home fees and third party disbursements are included the average today would be in the region of £3700.00.  This is dependent on several factors and we will always provide a full written estimate and explain all the fees in advance.  This figure often will differ when a burial is needed due to local cemetery fees.

A Simple and Dignified Funeral

If you have in mind a simple service but without the ‘extras’ such as limousines, large flower arrangements, newspaper notices etc. We offer a set price of £2975.00*

(*Prices can vary if a church service is involved a written estimate will be provided at the time of need).

Less Expensive Funeral Options

Direct Cremation - £1995.00

If you feel a funeral is not needed we offer a direct cremation with no service.  Included in this package is:

(Cremation coffin, Removal, Care, Professional fees, Crematorium fee, Doctors fee)


Direct Cremation with Family Gathering £1995.00 + £245.00

If you feel a funeral service is not necessary but you feel you would like a simple gathering we also offer our direct package with the opportunity for family to gather in our chapel of rest with he option of viewing and a chance to have a simple service of farewell.


Simple Crematorium Service - £3100.00

A more traditional service at the crematorium, included in this service is:

(Simple Cremation coffin, Removal, Care, Viewing, professional fees, family and friends to meet at crematorium, crematorium fees and doctor – additional fees would be flowers, newspapers, clergy, printing, any audio visual/livestream services offered at the crematorium)